My Geordie Blow Dry

Before heading down to London Fashion Week, I made sure I popped over to Y Salon – because there’s no better way to represent Newcastle, than with a Geordie Blow Dry!

I’ve previously blogged about Y Salon’s Geordie Blow Dry here and thought it was about time to get one done for myself. And here it is!

It’s slightly different for me, as actually my hair is short on one side, and on the other side long but with a Frankie style bob cut into it too (yes, three levels of hair means I’m never bored of different styles!). Weirdly enough, the other day I got recognised by my hair. Someone said to me that they recognised me as they’ve “sat behind my hair” before. I also got recognised a few weeks by someone who asked if I was “Sandra Tang from Newcastle Fashion Week”, I replied “Nope – she’s much thinner!”…

Anyways, if you’d like to try out this amazing Newcastle hair do, make sure you pop to Y Salon in Eldon Garden! Here’s their website.

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One thought on “My Geordie Blow Dry

  1. […] Click here to visit the Y Salon website to book in your Geordie hairstyle and view when I had my Geordie Blow Dry here! […]

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